The Thirsty Trout


Take a step back in time at Donegal's newest old bar. Serving the finest traditional ales, spirtit and whiskeys from around the globe. Each wall of the Thirsty Trout portrays some the of well known people of the Twin Towns..each photograph tells a different story. Since ownership of Jackson's Hotel changed in 2017, the Gallen family, are stubbornly proud of the Thirsty Trouts history and authenticity. The busy interior, with its portraits, posters, paraphernalia, stove fire and rustic floor, it pretty much is a true Irish traditional pub. 

A couple nights of the week, you can capture a real Irish folk atmosphere at the Thirsty Trout. The Thirsty Trout entertains it's guests with some of the finest traditional folk bands and singers from far and near. A night not to be missed, that's for sure!


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